Beauty Bakerie So Icy Illuminator Review

Hello dolls!  I am baaaack! I know, I need to get on a schedule, but well…meh. Until then, I present you a new post on the Beauty Bakerie So Icy Illuminator. I was super lucky and had Beauty Bakerie send me the shade Iced complimentary for review, so you know I had to let you guys know all about it. I adore Beauty Bakerie makeup. Everything is super adorably packaged, the names are just too cute, and the whole brand overall is fantastic and promotes positivity. It can’t get any better than that! So let’s see this illuminator, right? Read on to see my thoughts!

My Sephora Sale Haul

Gahd, don’t we all just love the Sephora Sale? No matter how much I try to resist shopping during it, I always find myself at the end of it with a ginormous Sephora Sale Haul, and a wallet that hates me for about two months afterwards. Meh, #SorryNotSorry. As per usual, I indulged maybe a bit too much. I did go for a variety of skincare, makeup, hair care and fragrance, targeting higher priced items so that I would feel like I got the best deal possible. I’m not so bothered to spend $20 on a lipstick at full price, but a $100+ skincare item will make me hesitate at times, especially if I haven’t tried it before. Shall we dig in? Let’s do this! Read on for my Sephora sale haul items + mini reviews!

Saucebox Cosmetics New Launches

Mermaids are totally on-trend right now. Mermaid hair, mermaid makeup, it’s all about that mermaid life. Know what else is on-trend? Music festivals and everything festival-related. One of my favorite indie brands out there, Saucebox Cosmetics has come out with the most adorable Mertail Vanity Brush (which will look so cute with the soon to be released Mermaid Palette). They have also come out with a new Festival Love Skin Veil, this time celebrating the care-free, fun-loving festival circuit. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Read on for pics and details on the Saucebox Cosmetics new launches and where to purchase them before they sell out.

Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder

I have an intense love affair with powders. Powder is probably the one item that I have the most of in my entire collection. As soon as I heard about the Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder, I knew I had to add some to my collection and try them out. There were four colors launched, and I picked up three of the four: Translucent, Pink, and Yellow. I passed on Brown for obvious reasons. Find out how I like the powders by continuing to read below.

Suva Beauty Neutral Necessity Palette Review

I love makeup. I own a ton of it. I try to cut back but normally fail at my no-buys. Maybe because I own so much, I find myself being very critical of makeup that does not live up to the hype or perform to my standards. Unfortunately, the Suva Beauty Neutral Necessity Palette fell in this category of fails.