Saucebox Cosmetics Review and Swatches


I love supporting indie brands that I truly believe in. A small business cares more about the integrity of the product, and definitely cares more about the customer. Each sale counts, and each customer is special. This, along with outstanding quality, is why I love Saucebox Cosmetics. Today I want to bring you my current Saucebox Cosmetics Review and Swatches post, which will cover all the currently available shadows from Saucebox, in time for Cyber Monday.Saucebox Cosmetics Review and Swatches

Who Is She Cosmetics Review and Swatches

Who Is She Cosmetics I love supporting indie brands, especially if they are handmade by a woman, for a woman, as well as vegan and cruelty-free. Enter Who Is She Cosmetics. I’ve seen this brand all over Instagram for a while now, especially on @colorwithcrayons’s page. Ana (@colorswithcrayons) is one of the official WISC Lip Models, and I’m sure you’ve seen her amazing lip swatches all over Instagram for a while now. Well, Ana and Who Is She Cosmetics (WISC) were kind enough to send me some of the new colors to play with, and I am ecstatic! Thank you so much! Since I love these so much, I thought it was time for another lip swatch post (mine are not anywhere in the realm of ColorWithCrayons good). On with the show my friends!

Holidays with Tula Skincare

Holidays with TulaLess than 5 weeks to Christmas!!! Yes, less than 5 weeks to Christmas. I don’t know where time has gone, but I still have so much holiday shopping left to do, and I am always in need of good skincare ideas. Everyone uses skincare. Well, at least everyone SHOULD use skincare, and GOOD skincare at that. This is when Tula steps up to the plate and delivers for me again, so here’s a big cheers to Holidays with Tula Skincare! There are so many exciting gift sets launching this season with Tula, and I even have a coupon code to save you some money this holiday season (just make sure you read through the end for the code)! Read on and find the perfect set for you, your family, and your friends.Holidays with Tula

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Review

Charlotte Tilbury Magic CreamIf you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I adore Charlotte Tilbury products. I find them to fit that tough target market of shoppers who crave more high end products but can’t afford La Mer. It’s more luxurious than your average Sephora brand, but not quite Sisley, La Mer or La Prairie. For me, it’s the perfect amount of “affordable luxury”. The one item I always had my eye on but couldn’t ever pull the trigger was the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. Renowned as a backstage favorite at many runway shows, I was anxious to try this gorgeous product.

Image ©Charlotte Tilbury
Image ©Charlotte Tilbury

Golden Holiday Lips with Bite Beauty Gold Creme Lip Gloss

Mixed with a bit of my red lipstick from today. Isn't she perfect?

The holiday season is the perfect time to jazz up your regular makeup routine. It’s a time when you can wear things that might feel a bit extra at other times, but Santa wants you looking sexy, so don’t hold back girl! I definitely like to throw caution to the wind about 85% of the time, with just about everything in life. Hence all the shopping, but YOLO, right? When I first saw this Limited Edition Bite Beauty Gold Creme Lip Gloss, I immediately threw what appeared to be a toddler style meltdown in the middle of Sephora, all by  myself. Why? Because they dared to be out of it, and they said they weren’t going to get any more. Well, patience is a virtue my friends! Read on and see why I had to have this, just HAD to.Bite Beauty Gold Creme Lip Gloss