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Mermaids are totally on-trend right now. Mermaid hair, mermaid makeup, it’s all about that mermaid life. Know what else is on-trend? Music festivals and everything festival-related. One of my favorite indie brands out there, Saucebox Cosmetics has come out with the most adorable Mertail Vanity Brush (which will look so cute with the soon to be released Mermaid Palette). They have also come out with a new Festival Love Skin Veil, this time celebrating the care-free, fun-loving festival circuit. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Read on for pics and details on the Saucebox Cosmetics new launches and where to purchase them before they sell out.

The Mertail Vanity Brush is limited edition, currently available in two color options. There’s a gold version with white and bright pink bristles, and there is a Mertail Blue Vanity Brush with a blue handle and white with soft pink-tipped bristles.  The brushes are completely vegan, and come with a plastic cap that snaps onto the top to protect the bristles when not in use.  The brush is a but smaller than my hands, but I do have long fingers so keep that in mind.  It is perfect for highlighting, contouring, bronzing, applying your blush, your foundation, or body art.  Basically, you can use it for a multitude of things. I use mine for contouring and highlighting.  The brush retails for $10.99, but you can save 10% off the price if you use my code VIGGITY at checkout.  As a brush and makeup addict, I think this adds some fun to the every day makeup application, plus it looks adorable on a makeup vanity.

The new Skin Veil is beyond amazing! Called Festival Love, this is a super limited, festival season only edition the lineup. There is very limited stock left available of it, and it is an absolute MUST-HAVE for everyone out there. I’m talking not just for festival season, but for all year-round. I think I will need extras of this and will place an order tonight! It has a gold and rose gold glimmer, and has a color shift that reflects different color components depending on the angle of the light. It is a similar finish to the Saucebox Cosmetics skin veil in Phoenix Kiss, just a peachier, rose gold version. While this would look absolutely stunning on tanned skin or olive complexions, I am a pasty nc15 and still can wear this without a problem. The video below shows the swatch under normal lighting, and at the end darkened to show off the color more.

I like to take Festival Love and dust it across my cheeks after blush, concentrating more along the top of the cheekbones where the light hits it the most, and then dusting it generously across the rest of my cheek, along my forehead, down my nose, and across my cupid’s bow. It just gives a gorgeous pearly opalescence to any blush, and makes your skin glow like an intergalactic disco mermaid princess. For extra bling, pop a tiny bit of Saucebox Cosmetics Champagne Bomb Skin Veil onto the very top of your cheekbones on top of Festival Love. I really wish this would come in a massive jar so that I could bathe my whole body in it! Yes, I’ll take an order of 25 please! Festival Love retails for $15, and again, save 10% with VIGGITY at checkout. I wouldn’t wait around on ordering this, as it will be gone asap (Coachella is April 14-23). The video below shows what Festival Love looks like on my skin under natural lighting in my car. It’s the most perfect glow! For a more intense effect, spray your brush with a setting spray first.

I hope you give these babies a try. They’re inexpensive, they’re gorgeous, and you absolutely need them! You can purchase them HERE, and again, don’t forget to save yourself money with my code! Ta ta my loves, I will return soon with another post.

PS. Stay tuned to my Instagram for a giveaway soon featuring these Saucebox Cosmetics new launches.

Kisses, hugs, and glitter bugs

Vanda xoxo

My code listed for the Saucebox Cosmetics New Launches post is an affiliate code. I will make a small percentage from each sale, but I would never promote an item that I do not believe in or love myself 100%.

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  1. Divya | 16th Apr 17

    These brushes so cute and fun. I have put these brushes on my wishlist.

    • Vanda | 18th Apr 17

      Yes! They’re adorable!!!

  2. Brittney | 22nd Apr 17

    Hi! My name is Brittney (instagram is @thesaucyrossy) I entered the giveaway & I want to win because these are literally the cutest makeup brushes I have seen in my whole existence (I am a mermaid) and I absolutely love how glowy the Festival Love Skin Veil is! Thank you so much! Xoxo

  3. Jolissa Garcia | 22nd Apr 17

    Hi my name is Jolissa and I saw you were giving away these awesome items on Instagram! 🙂 my IG is Jolissastagram! I would love to win because these brushes are sooooo cute and different from anything I have ever seen! ? like you said in your description, they are awesome to have as a makeup application, something totally different! and omg, the loose powders, S T U N N I N G! they’re totes a must have!!!!

  4. Amanda | 23rd Apr 17

    Hi! Thos is @seoulody from Instagram! I entered your giveaway and I am just so happy to find out about these brushes and this brand! Your blog is fantastic!

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